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Bouldering is climbing without the aid or protection of any ropes.
You can boulder anywhere in our gym up to a certain height. There is a huge feature in the center of our gym called "The Boulder" that is used only for bouldering and offers tons of exciting angles. It is sure to challenge beginners as well as the most seasoned veterans. There is something for everyone to project.
Our most popular form of climbing: top-roping. Top-roping, participants climb in pairs. Someone must be attached to the bottom before anyone can go to the top. The person who is attached to the bottom, the belayer, must be 13 years or older, but anyone 5 or older can be attached to the climber's side of the rope.
Don't know who or what a belayer is? No worries! We will teach you in-house how to belay(which is just a fancy word for holding the ropes) using an auto-locking safety device called a grigri in as little as 5 minutes(MUST BE 13 OR OLDER TO BELAY). Once you are belay certified, you can belay for anyone at anytime!
No belayer? No problem!
 You don't always need a partner to scale our highest walls! Our autobelay devices do all of the work when it comes time to lower you back to the ground. Try out a new route or run laps on your favorite route for a cardio workout!
Sport climbing takes all of your skills to the next level. When sport climbing, you are required to take a rope up with you and clip into our bolted walls as you ascend. There are no fixed ropes to follow, so make sure you are ready for the commitment.
Sport climbing at Southern Stone requires that you either attend our Lead Climbing Class, offered every last week of the month, or, if you already have the knowledge, test out. Once Lead Certified, you are allowed to practice your sport climbing skills any time we are open. There are designated areas to lead all over the gym.
We recommend that you are proficient climbing V3/5.9 or better  before taking the Lead Climbing Class.